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Anti Glare film help your displays work better for you!

AntiGlare films are such a simple concept with such great results, but all to often they are an after thought or never a thought and people get use to see displays in windows with glare as the “normal” our Anti Glare products will help your content and displays actually work in daylight hours where the glare and reflection from the surrounding buildings and ambient light are more often a stronger image on your glass despite your best efforts to purchase a brighter TV and even push it directly up to the window or display case.

What does anti glare film do? Antiglare film is applied to the viewing side of your display or the outside of the window if using it in retail digital signage displays, our films scatter the light on the viewing side just enough (ultra clear) to reduce or even remove (standard)all glare giving you wider viewing angles, higher brightness and the ability to use your displays more hours of the day with less glare and reflection stopping your content from being seen the best way possible.

Anti Glare films reduce and remove glare from your displays

Anti Glare Film for Displays

Anti Glare Film can be used for any display that is mounted directly behind glass. Pictures, paintings, and more can have a glare-free viewing experience simply by applying the film to the front surface of the glass.

Anti Glare Film for TV's

Anti Glare Film can be used on TV monitors, or on windows with TV’s pressed up against the glass. Many models suffer from low brightness, and do not show well to viewers. Anti glare film can give your viewers a much clearer viewing experience.

Anti Glare Film for Projection Film

Anti Glare Film is a perfect complementary product for projection film on glass and acrylic surfaces its applied to the back side of your glass, while Anti Glare film is applied to the front side.

Why Invest in Anti Glare Film?

Anti Glare Films ComparisonAnti Glare Film is an amazing product for reducing glare on glass or acrylic displays showcasing pictures, digital imagery or static images. The film is specifically designed to allow the images on display to be seen, while also reducing glare from ambient light and even direct sunlight. Anti Glare Film has been used in conjunction with TV’s, monitors, rear projection film displays, displays, and more. Many displays not using anti glare film suffer from low visibility that harms the display’s purpose.

See how it works.

High Quality. Great Service.

anti glare films tracy keely interactive display has the widest roll width for high quality anti glare films, giving you more ways to reduce glare for your projects. We can accommodate whatever size display you have.

Available in seamless sizes for standard and widescreen ratios, 5″ up to 100″ diagonal. Larger Seamed sizes are available upon request. Standard lead time is 48 hours or less from order date and custom or large orders lead time varies depending on your requirements, it is always best to contact us at 888-631-5880 for availability and current shop load.

touchfoil installation

Anti Glare Film Installation Services

Need a professional installation? Screen Solutions International offers professional installation of any film sold. Our staff have performed installations of Anti Glare Film all over the world, in a variety of unique situations. Let us help you ensure the highest quality outcome of your Anti Glare Film installation, call us today.

anti glare film project consultation

Anti Glare Film Project Consultation

We offer white glove technical support for Anti Glare Films, on-site installation, or technical support and consultation. Contact us today for details. Take advantage of the most advanced and most complete consultation and support for Anti Glare Film by calling us today.


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