Anti Glare For Rear Projection Film

Anti Glare for Rear Projection Film

One of the best uses of Anti Glare Film is in conjunction with a Rear Projection Film. Having a rear projection display can be an incredibly eye-catching feature for any office window or news kiosk. By applying anti glare film over the front of the projection surface, you ensure that any harsh glare or ambient light interference is reduced. This keeps your display easy to see for any viewers passing by.

The process of giving your display glare-free viewing is simple:

  1. Install the rear projection film on the back of the glass,
  2. Apply Anti Glare Film to the front surface of the glass, and
  3. Adjust the projector to start your display!

For best results, make sure the rear projection film and anti glare film are both equal in size.

anti glare films used with rear projection film