New York City, New York Anti Glare Film Order

An advertising firm in New York City, NY 10019 has discovered the power of anti-glare film! Twenty different locations are going to be outfitted with custom cuts of film at 46″ x 66.75″ to create glare-free displays all around the city. In addition to professional application kits, we also provided extra application fluid to make sure each film is applied expertly.

Anti-Glare Film is placed on the outside or opposite side of the glass or acrylic than your rear projection film. The film reduces glare and reflection from the front side surface of your display, increasing brightness, widening viewing angles and giving your viewing audience a brighter and more even viewing experience.

Anti-Glare Film can be used with glass, acrylic, LCD, Plasma, or LED screens. When using LCD, LED, or Plasma displays, the displays need to be as close as possible to the backside of the film for best results.

Pulling the release layer off the back of your film exposes the built-in hi-tac adhesives that will keep it affixed to your glass or acrylic surface for years to come. For questions and answers regarding our anti-glare film, give us a call at 1-888-681-5880.